The One Thing to Do Now to Take Better Food Photos

The Number 1 Thing to Do Today to-

First, full disclosure, I am a terrible food photographer. I have next to no interest in spending my time styling and taking food photos because what I want to be doing is making and eating delicious food. That said, I’ve realized that in order to convince people on the internet that your food is in fact delicious and not some non-descript brown blob on a plate, at least decent pictures are key.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to take good photos: better cameras, brighter flashes, strange combinations of lights, but as it often goes, I’ve found that the best solution is truly the easiest (and the one you’ve probably already heard).

If you want to take great photos of your food: get outside!  No home light setup can really compare to the power of stepping outside and letting the sun do its work.

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing the role of Chef Instructor at Bauman College and worked with the students on capturing some photos of their outstanding food.  They used my DSLR outside and then I took a few follow-up photos inside to show a comparison. Check out the results below:

pumpkin pie (1)


And just to show you how forgiving natural light can be, check out the photos that some of the students captured, all with little to no food photography experience:

Bauman Collage

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