What to Cook Today to Eat Healthy All Week

Our Whole Life Challenge group is up and running! In order to help all of us who are making some pretty whole-scale lifestyle changes, I put together a list of things that you could make ahead of time to have nutritious and delicious food to eat all week.

Since I know it’s not just those of us in the challenge who could use some inspiration and guidance, I’m sharing this here as well.  Feel free to check out the attached PDF text guide that will tell you: exactly what to buy, how to make the food, and ways to make great meals out of it.

I also made a video that you can cook along with! In here you’ll find lots of tips, guidance on what to do when, and lots of speed-ups so you don’t have to watch for the full couple of hours that it takes to put it all together (but just think, you don’t have to cook for the rest of the week!).  Feel free to pause it as you do each step and then start again when you’re ready to move on.


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